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Do you have a loved one, family member or friend who is struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health problems? Besides offering a non-judgemental listening ear, the best thing that you can do is to help them find professional support

Even if they are open to coming to therapy, many people are daunted by the prospect of contacting, selecting and making that first consultation with a therapist. With the Gift of Therapy, Clarity hopes to remove these barriers to mental health care. You can now offer the best practical help to that person whom you care deeply about: access to effective mental health treatment provided by a team of experienced clinicians

With purchase of each package, they will be immediately connected with a Clarity therapist, as well as other wellness professionals. Your loved one will also receive (right at their doorstep), a Carebox created by local curator @moodbyjo with a personalised, hand-written note that is sure to communicate your love and concern. All they have to do is to schedule an appointment at their convenience!

In addition to our team, our friends Art Therapist Priscilla Chen and Yoga Therapist Sheela Cheong are joining us to provide a full and enriching therapy experience.

Priscilla Chen, Art Psychotherapist
B.S.(Hons), M.A.(Art Therapy)

Priscilla strongly believes in using creative art to assist people to achieve personal growth and maximum potential, using a person-centered focus approach. She was clinically trained in a multi-disciplinary team in the Psychiatry Department of Singapore General  Hospital where she provided art therapy to patients with a variety of mental health diagnoses. Her experience includes work at hospitals, senior day care centers, nursing homes, international student hostels, primary schools and early childhood intervention centers. She also does volunteer work with Healthserve, a charity organization focused on the well being of migrant workers in Singapore.

Priscilla is effectively bilingual and is experienced working with Chinese-speaking populations.  Her experience as a foreign student, a working professional and presently a mother of two, allow her to bridge the cross-cultural adjustment issues foreign students or new migrants could be facing.

Sheela Cheong, Yoga Therapist
B.S.(Hons), M.A.(Sociology), Yoga-Alliance certified (200 & 500 hours)

Sheela found yoga in 2008 at the University of California where she was pursuing her doctorate studies in Sociology. After returning to Asia, she earned her teacher’s certification and has been teaching yoga ever since.

Sheela is an an extremely dedicated, highly skilled and patient teacher whose philosophy is to adapt the practice to the individual – not the other way around. Depending on one’s condition, postures are given to correct imbalances, strengthen weaknesses and bring relief from specific issues & ailments in the body. The approach is therapeutic. Her role is to create a space and sequence for you to feel safe in, so that you can begin to tune in to your own inner intelligence. 

Before your Yoga Therapy class, you will have a personal consultation for her to better understand your symptoms and needs. Following that, she will create a personalised yoga sequence just for you. During the class, you are free to talk or be quiet, as you prefer. Sheela’s favourite quote is from Nietzsche: ‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.’ It is her hope to awaken this inner wisdom in every one of her students.


Carebox +
one session with Clarity

Carebox +
one session with Clarity +
one session with
Art Therapist Priscilla Chen

Carebox +
one session with Clarity +
one session with Yoga Therapist
Sheela Cheong 

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